Occupational Health and Safety Policy
    As BURÇELİK VANA, we aim to sustain all our works with our employees, suppliers, and costumers, in accordance with laws and social standarts and with trust and honesty based on the principle the our most valuable asset is human. In our company, working age is appropriate for the laws and no child labor is allowed. Under this policy we will;
    • Minimize accidents, injuries and diseases and control the dangers by evaluating new products and processes at the project design stage,
    • Provide continuous improvement in our Occupational Health and Safety performance by using all work on Occupational Healty and Safety, risk assessments and employee suggestions,
    • Comply with national laws and strategies on Occupational Health and Safety,
    • Implement the emergency management plan with the highest level of performance,
    • Act with our employees to establish our Occupational Health and Safety goals and achieve these goals,
    • Raise awareness of all Burçelik Vana employees on Occupational Health and Safety issues by increasing their skills and awareness on Occupational Health and Safety,
    • Determine risks in advance with the participation of all employees and to take measures against the possibility of loss, accident or damage,
    • Inspect, review and improve Occupational Health and Safety practices continuously.
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