Information Security Policy

    As BURÇELİK VANA, it is our information security policy to take all the information security measures related to the activities we carry out, to control and to offer solutions. Within the framework of this policy, we will;

    • Follow and keep up with current cyber threats,
    • Comply with the terms and legal requirements arising from the contracts,
    • Ensure that the activities are carried out effectively, accurately, quickly and safely,
    • Carry out the activities in accordance with the security requirements of the sector,
    • Carry out our activities by being aware of the risks on privacy, accessibility and integrity in accessing all kinds of information belonging to our company, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners,
    • Ensure that the information security management system and information security awareness are transformed into a corporate culture,
    • Ensure that the necessary plans are prepared, implemented and tested to ensure business continuity and service continuity,
    • Ensure that risks to our information assets and processes are evaluated and processed in accordance with accepted risk management methodologies,
    • Commit to all our stakeholders to be in contact with special interest groups in order to benefit from the developing technologies and know-how in our industry where we provide information-based services.
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