Pneumatic Actuator
Burcelik Pneumatic Actuators are produced in two types as Double Acting Actuators, in the range of 7 Nm and 1300 Nm (6 Bar), and Single Return Actuators, in the range of 14 Nm and 1200 Nm at (6 Bar). Our Pneumatic Actuators have 90 degree turn capacity, with Extruded Aluminum Alloy body, Pressure die casting Aluminum Alloy piston and end-cap, and Steel or Stainless-Steel stem. Pneumatic actuators control valves as on/off proportionally and fit all types of Burcelik valves.

• Rotary Double Acting, between 7Nm-1300Nm (6 Bar),
• Rotary Single Return, between 14Nm-1200Nm (6 Bar),
• ISO 5211 Standard Connection,
• Body, Piston & Cap: Extruded Aluminum Alloy,
• Stem: Steel or Stainless-Steel.
• Position Indicator.
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